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Welcome to saathsaath.com

Please read these terms and conditions before registering with saathsaath.com By registering on saathsaath.com you clearly understand and agree that

# The minimum age for registration is 18 years for women and 21 years for men.
# You are not disabled by any law from entering in to a contract.
# You have gone through the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.
# The information provided by you on your profile page is true to best of your knowledge.

Conditions of use:

saathsaath.com provides its services to you ,subject to the following conditions. If you sign up to register or visit saathsaath.com or use any other services provided by saathsaath.com you are considered to have accepted these terms and conditions.


# Please read our privacy policy which applies to your visit to saathsaath.com- Please understand our practices and methods of providing you services.
# Members should agree that their profile may be crawled and indexed by search engines and saathsaath.com and its network do not have any control over the behavior of search engines.
# saathsaath.com has restricted copying and saving of photographs and content from certain section. Though we take utmost care possible, saathsaath.com is not responsible for alteration, modifications, deletions, reproduction, sale, transmission or any such misuse of data and content in the public domain by any user.

About our communication via internet:

# When you register with saathsaath.com you start an electronic communication with saathsaa.com . With this you will send and receive e mails to and from us. You will also see notices posted on the website. This communication should abide by the legal requirements. You agree that your use of this site is at your own risk. saathsaath.com does not guaranty that this site, its servers, or e mails sent from saathsaath.com are free from viruses or other harmful components. saathsaath.com will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from use of this site.
# saathsaath.com grants you limited license to access and make personal use of this website and not to download(other than page catching) or modify any of its content.(except your own profile through editing function) This license does not grant you permission to use this website or its various contents or parts of the content for resale or commercial purpose.
# There is a possibility of unauthorized posting of content by any one, which may be offensive or be wrongful representation. saathsaath.com will not be held responsible for such eventuality.

Managing your account:

While using saathsaath.com website you take the sole responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. You also agree to take responsibility for all activities that are done under your account and your password. Please read the procedural instructions carefully and follow them.


# You can become a member by registering yourself free of charge with saathsaath.com through system provided on the website or you can become a member by paying our membership fees and then following the online procedure for registration.
# The services provided for paid and unpaid members are not same.
# Confirmation of membership is completed only when you receive a registration number.
# saathsaath.com reserves all the rights of confirming the membership and admission. Your membership is only for your personal use. It cannot be transferred to anybody else.
# Membership is reserved solely for A. Indian nationals and citizens. B. Non resident Indians.
# You continue to be a member of saathsaath.com till membership is terminated by saathsaath.com or you.
# Your membership will be immediately suspended if you are found to be violating the code of conduct, terms and conditions of saathsaath.com
# saathsaath.com reserves the right to terminate the account, remove or edit full or part of the content with their sole discretion.


Membership fee is non refundable in any eventuality.

Other terms :

# saathsaath.com shall act on the basis of information provided by you believing the same to be true and acurate.
# saathsaath.com is under no obligation to verify the accuracy and genuineness of the information provided by you or your family on your behalf.
# Members should make thorough and necessary inquiries before taking matrimonial decisions. saathsaath.com does not take the responsibility of the claims made by or the information provided by the members.
# Please note that saathsaath.com does not take any responsibility in case of disputes between or among the members. But saathsaath.com with help of its Karyakartas may facilitate amicable resolution of the disputes.

Code of conduct for members:

# You are responsible for the content, information and photograph posted on your profile page.
# You will not post or transmit any content or information in whatever form, that is defamatory, abusive, blasphemous, sexually oriented, obscene, intimidating, profane, illegal or in violation of the rights of any person, including intellectual property rights.
# Messages sent to members of opposite gender should be only with the purpose of finding a life partner. You will not misuse this platform for dating, flirting, friendship etc.
# You will not use the platform of saathsaath.com for any promotional campaign or advertising of any product or services.
# You will not post duplicate profiles. If such posting is found saathsaath.com has the right to suspend one of these or all such profiles.
# Your membership will be immediately suspended if you are found to be violating the code of conduct, terms and conditions of saathsaath.com

Suggestions, complaints and disputes are to be addressed to info@saathsaath.com

We reserve the rights to make changes in our website, pricing and other policies and terms and conditions of use at any time. which would be posted on its home page.

Membership is deemed to have been entered in to at Pune, India and the laws of India will govern the membership.